Response Codes
Piloterr will return the following HTTP Response Codes from API requests. You should inspect the response code that Piloterr returns to determine whether your request has been successful or not.
HTTP Response Code
200 Success
Request processed successfully.
402 Payment Required
Your Piloterr account has either run out of available credits (try enabling Overage or upgrading your Plan), or there is a payment problem.
429 Too Many Requests
If you are on a Plan with a rate limit, or making a call on an endpoint that is rate-limited, and this limit is hit then an HTTP 429 response is returned.
422 Validation Error
The request you specified is invalid. The details of the error are shown in the JSON body of the response. The most common cause of an HTTP 422 response is passing invalid parameters to the APIs, or combinations of parameter values that are not supported.
401 Unauthorized
The API Key supplied with your request is not valid.
500 Internel Server Error
There was a problem processing your request. You should retry your request after a delay and if you continue to experience the same result please contact our support team.
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